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        Stop neck-, shoulder-, back- and pelvic floor problems             Move consciously with Ismakogie!

                                Achieve with minimal effort                                Your Maximum Well-Being!

“I highly recommended this book to anyone wanting to improve their fitness level but is lacking the energy to go to a gym.”

– Anna Blokhuis GZ-psychologist –

  • Carry out unnoticeable exercises every day
  • Easy to do whilst at work
  • Experience fewer physical problems and discomforts
  • Effortlessly improve your condition
  • Higher relaxation, higher energy
  • Maximum enjoyment of your body and your life!
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“This book is highly recommended for entrepreneurs who have to work a lot online and still want to stay fit.”

– Jeanet Bathoorn, Freedom Entrepreneur® –

Angelika van der Schilden

          Putten, The Netherlands