Move Easy – Feel Good

Stop neck-, shoulder-, back- and pelvic floor problems.
Move consciously with Ismakogie
and achieve with minimal effort
your maximum well-being!

Reach your maximum well-being

I help women aged 45+ struggling with physical complaints such as neck, shoulder, back and pelvic floor issues who want to become and remain fit and full of vitality without strenuous effort, so that they feel good, have more energy and radiate vitality!

Angelika van der Schilden

Effortlessly fit and full of vitality!

Do you suffer among other things from neck, shoulder and back complaints? Do you have issues with your pelvic floor and suffer from undesirable urine loss?

This unique “Effortlessly fit and full of vitality” training will enable you to reduce or even eliminate physical discomfort yourself. Without effort, without machines and devices, without spending extra time.

Achieve maximum well-being with minimal effort!

More energy than 20 years ago

My name is Angelika van der Schilden, I am a teacher of Physical Education, Gymnastics for Seniors and an Ismakogie teacher. I love to move, but despite all my activity I have often been limited in daily life in the past by physical complaints and discomforts.

In 2000, I discovered the exceptional posture and movement methodology of Ismakogie, and my complaints disappeared. I give lectures, workshops and online classes in Dutch, German and English. I am 76, and I feel fitter now and have more energy than 20 years ago.


The Dutch edition of my book “MOVE EASY – FEEL GOOD IN 10 STEPS” has been published in 2020 (‘IN 10 STAPPEN MOEITELOOS FIT EN VITAAL’)                    The German edition has been published on 23.06.2023.                                      The English edition has been published on 23.12.2023.

Move consciously with Ismakogie and achieve maximum well-being with minimal effort.

You will be introduced through this book to a very different way of moving than you have probably been used to until now. Because you too can become fit and full of vitality, effortlessly. Without physical effort, without devices and machines and without having to spend extra time.

What they thought of the method Ismakogie

‘My work as a sports masseur led to pain between the shoulder blades. Since I can apply Ismakogie in almost every situation, the balance in my body is now better preserved. I usually get rid of my complaints with a few exercises. Really great!’

– Ellen Schut –

‘‘My posture has improved as a result of the power of those small movements, and I no longer slouch when standing or sitting. A boring meeting? I do a little exercise and I am fit again!’

– Bea Mantel –

I love taking long walks. This was impossible for me for a long time. I could no longer rely on my bladder, and I refrained from hiking. The uncertainty also caused me a lot of stress when I took the car or the train, thinking, “Will I get to my destination on time? Thanks to these invisible exercises which I can do anytime, my pelvic floor is back in good condition. Now I feel free and independent again!

– Nicole S. –

Discover the secret of Ismakogie!

Do you immediately want to find out more about this amazing way of moving? Then I invite you when my book is launched to read here for FREE the first 3 chapters of my book: ‘MOVE EASY – FEEL GOOD IN 10 STEPS’ Move consciously with Ismakogie and achieve maximum well-being with minimal effort.

Angelika van der Schilden